Arya Residences Development Plan

Arya Residences Development Plan
Arya Residences is a top-end two-tower development in Bonifacio Global City distinctly master planned to let you enjoy the best of gracious and healthy living while making sure you do good to the environment. Live in style, deep into green indulgence, and allow us to give you the assurance that you live wisely.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Arya Ready For The Future

April 4, 2010

Low-impact meets the high life in an eco-friendly condo
Modern Filipino lives have evolved in the last two decades to new paradigms for where and how we can best live, work and play. A generation ago we looked at living in the suburbs, working in the central city and playing in far off leisure destinations. Today, we realize that the best models are those which acknowledge that living at or near our urban centers provide the best formulas for living well—close to work, to leisure and recreation; and living right—expending less energy in architecture designed with, and not against, nature.
Unnaturally long commutes to and from suburbia, schools or shopping are things of the past in a number of new developments in Metro Manila. Central urban sites, exemplified by Bonifacio Global City, provide exciting new forms of city living. These innovative models are pushed by a few forward-thinking developers who know that looking to the future is the only way to sustain projects, as well as nurture high-quality contemporary living.
Intrigued by what I had seen in initial reports and press releases, I recently scrutinized an example of this new way of building and living. The Arya Residences is the initial and flagship project of the new development company, ArthaLand. The company’s tagline “Future proof by design,” is catchy and something I wanted to check out for myself.
I did just that by meeting with the head of the new company and the visionary architect of the new development. Angie Lacson, is a real estate veteran, having previously been Vice President of the country’s biggest property firm. Lacson confides that Arthaland, being a new player (but with seasoned key executives), is quick to adapt to the fast-changing landscape of real estate development, as well as to be open to new ideas.
All this, Lacson says is tempered by a welldefined purpose—that of becoming the country’s premier “entrepreneurial, boutique developer;” using their accumulated knowledge (over a hundred cumulative years of experience between the key officers of the company) to create “significant” projects that ensure a “wealth” of opportunities for modern living.
ArthaLand chose to create their first project using all these themes. They have also selected a site—Bonifacio Global City—that that is the metropolis’ best, in terms of access to established business and shopping districts, as well as one that already boasts of numerous topquality educational institutions, as well as hospitals, and soon, cultural venues and museums.
The project, Arya Residences, is what urban designers call a ‘residential mixed-use development.’ Simply put, this is a project that provides high-rise, high-quality residential condominium units in two towers that sit on ‘podium’ block with a variety of amenities like convenience stores, laundry shops and cafes.
ArthaLand, with its Arya Residences, takes this paradigm several steps further. First, it made sure that it got a whole block of land, not one that had to be shared with other developments. This ensured that each side of the development was a ‘front door.’ The situation also meant that the towers would not be too close to neighbors and that views would not be blocked.
Arya Residences’ location bounded by McKinley Parkway, 8th Avenue and Rizal Drive puts it across from the low-rise Singapore Embassy and the wide expanse of the immaculately- green American Memorial rotunda. Lots of breathing space is ensured, along with access to Bonifacio Global City’s main avenue, McKinley, which, in the future will have a cutting edge transport system called a BRT. For resident’s convenience, a tunnel will be built from Arya to the BRT and to link the development with the other side of the road.
I spoke with Jojo Tolentino, principal of AIDEA, the Filipino architectural firm that collaborated with Crone Partners Architecture Studios for the project. Aidea is one of the leading design firms in the country with a track record enhanced by the international experience of its principal and key staff. Tolentino cut his teeth in Hong Kong before coming back to the country. His experience there and projects overseas with high-rise buildings in developed urban settings has given him and his team a creative edge.
The second level of improvement is literally Arya Residences’ levels. The first level is the ample sidewalk that encircles the plot. The second level separates homeowners and guests from pedestrians in an elevated ‘plaza’ level. This Plaza rises above the McKinley Parkway side for great views while having coffee or dining at what will be a favorite dining destination, why? The whole plaza is roofed and protected from sun and rain! Finally someone has acknowledged our tropical reality.
The third level is set four stories above this spacious plaza and is called ‘The Terrace,’ a private open space that includes pools (a 25-meter lap pool, a kiddie pool and a leisure pool,) playgrounds (indoor and outdoor), yoga and exercise spaces, all in a lush landscaped setting. Three function rooms are also available, which can be combined into a large banquet hall. The developers obviously understand the needs of Philippine condo dwellers, expat or local.
“Just as mankind has the power to push the world to the brink so, too, do we have the power to bring it back into balance.” 
– HRH The Prince of Wales addressing UN Climate Conference COP 15, Copenhagen (December 2009)
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ARTHALAND’S ARYA RESIDENCES: Living Well, Living Right In A Future-Proof Development

April 4, 2010
You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
– Buckminster Fuller, philosopher, futurist and global thinker (1895-1983)
The impact of climate change in the last two decades has understandably put real estate developers into a green state of mind. Since then, every other real estate project was touted to be “environment-friendly” or “green.” And they were… to a certain extent.
So how does one get to be a true-blue “green developer?”
ArthaLand Corporation has the answer. By their name alone – “artha,” from the Sanskrit word which means purpose, knowledge, significance and wealth – you would know that this is one developer that knows the essence of its existence. ArthlaLand’s vision was clear right from the start: to build sustainable communities that will provide quality living to its residents while making sure that the next generations will enjoy the same.
ArthaLand is all about creating insightful projects that are designed to be adaptable to new situations, technologies and needs – in other words, their projects are future-proof.
For every project to be future-proof, ArthaLand is guided by six principles, each of which is geared toward to total satisfaction of the customer: Thoughtful Planning and Space Management; Security and Safety, Enabling Technology; Quality Assurance; Operating Efficiency; and Total Living Experience.
These future-proof principles serve as ArthaLand’s blueprint for every project they develop, and even in their choice of locations. This includes over one hectare property within the Bonifacio Global City.
ArthaLand is led by a team of industry experts from reputable companies who have worked on some of the biggest real estate projects in the country. With a combined experience of more than 100 years, they were handpicked for their experience, technical expertise, management skills and their vision which complements that of the company.
And with this vision of building sustainable communities ArthaLand went up several levels, significantly raising the bar for a genuinely environment-friendly, future-proof development. Their first top-end green residential project, the two-tower Arya Residences, is a testimony to this total commitment to green living.
Living well means enjoying all the comfort and luxury that life has to offer. It means having the best that a hardworking person like you deserves.
Living right means doing right by the environment; it means taking responsibility for your lifestyle and how much it affects the world around you. It also means living smart; enjoying better health and saving on living costs by using resources more efficiently.
It all starts with the location. Situated at the quieter, residential side of Bonifacio Global City, Arya Residences offers a lot of breathing space as it is at the corner of McKinley Parkway, 8th Avenue and Rizal Drive and occupies only 1/3 of the 6,357 sq.m. lot. Just about the right place to be – not too far from the commercial and leisure sections of BGC and yet not too near that you won’t have time enough to enjoy a relaxing walk or a fun bike ride, for which there’s plenty of room. A hospital, parks, schools, offices and retail shops are also nearby.
Unlike many other two-tower projects, Arya’s towers are not identical: Tower One is a rectangular balconied structure and Tower Two is elliptical. Both towers are designed to accommodate roofed balconies and ledges that are wide enough to provide shade from the sun, or the rain, to the unit below.
“Just as mankind has the power to push the world to the brink so, too, do we have the power to bring it back into balance.” 
– HRH The Prince of Wales addressing UN Climate Conference COP 15, Copenhagen (December 2009)
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Ecology lives with economy at Arya Residences

Philippine Daily Inquirer and Philstar 

January 2010

Normally they wouldn’t even be dating.
Even in this post-Al Gore-video age, it’s still not easy going green. Our tree-hugging urges are curbed by our bean-counting instincts. Our correct side says we can’t afford green technology’s apocalyptic alternative; our canny side says we can’t afford green technology, period.
The costs are considerable, the results, near invisible. ROI trumps EPA. And never the twain shall meet. Or see the same realtor.
Until now.
Debunking myth and shifting the paradigm, a new development is set to bridge that great divide. It is conceived and strictly designed as a green building. It will deliver luxury living, ecological sustainability and reduced living costs. It is Arya Residences, soon to rise in Bonifacio Global City, soon to change the high-rise residential landscape.
The Arya resident will live in a landmark building and live well. Sitting in the prime triangle of McKinley Parkway, the two towers are designed for luxury and modern elegance. There’s The Plaza --- a breezy entertainment enclave under the shade of a soaring canopy. That canopy is part of the sprawling grounds on The Terrace --- private park and recreation-rich playground at the fourth level. Refined lobbies, refreshing landscapes, indulgent amenities abound. Then there are the residential units --- generous spaces sensitively planned to the nuances of gracious, comfortable living.
But the real surprise is that the Arya resident will find himself living more sustainably, more efficiently, more economically. With almost no extra effort the Arya resident will live right. Because it is all built into his building.
It begins with the perfectly chosen site of Bonifacio Global City, the CBD best equipped to support green buildings. Tapping into this infrastructure, Arya Residences’ most basic efficiencies are engineered from the ground up. Dual piping and greywater systems allocate potable and reclaimed water more wisely. A centralized gas system provides each unit with safer, cost-saving fuel. And the most progressively growing community is a healthful walk away.
The building itself is designed to harness and optimize nature’s elements. Its orientation affords minimal East-West sun exposure while its formation naturally channels the breeze in between the buildings and into the common areas. Precisely sized balconies and ledges cast a wide natural shade into the units as well as add meaningful outdoor space. At the same time, daylight reaches 75% of the indoors. Naturally the view-hugging windows are larger; some are operable to comfortably yet safely welcome air. Such engineering details significantly reduce the building’s energy drain and the residents’ electricity costs. And think of all that natural air and light so uncommon in high-rise life!
The intelligence in the engineering is equally in the finishes and fixtures. Using rapidly renewable materials or those with recycled content preserve our resources while creating a distinct modern aesthetic. Materials with low VOC emissions--- paints or resins that do not release toxic gases--- prevent health problems. Most importantly, the built-in fixtures and appliances that rack up the most energy use are of the most advanced technology for reducing environmental impact and usage cost. Every drop of water is optimized with low-flow fixtures and dual-flush water closets; only greywater irrigates the plants. Airconditioning units are all multi-split type with an energy efficiency rating of 12. Even facilities for 100% back-up power, waste segregation and unit-precise fire detection will be in place.
This level of dedication to sustainability does not come as an afterthought; it goes far, far deeper than fashionable marketing claim. The economist E. F. Schumacher, in his famous book Small Is Beautiful: Economics As If People Mattered articulates the first law of building sustainably.
“In architecture, sustainable design is not the attachment or supplement of architectural design, but an integrated design process. This requires close cooperation of the design team, the architects, the engineers and the client at all project stages, from the site selection, scheme formation, material selection and procurement and project implementation.”
Committed to this is the newly-formed veteran team of developers, ArthaLand. By themselves a formidable partnership of industry experts, ArthaLand has also tapped into some of the highest credentials in green buildings. Environmental sustainability, with a particular eye toward reduced living cost, is built into every aspect of design and future operations at Arya Residences. They have in fact registered under the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) program with the certification goal of Gold --- a global standard for environmentally sustainable construction. This independent body monitors development up to completion. Arya Residences is the first high-rise residential building to target this standard. ArthaLand commits to being the first to achieve it.
Ecology and economy may find an ideal union after all.
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Low-impact meets the high life in an eco-friendly condo


Feb 15, 2010

Low-impact meets the high life in an eco-friendly condo
FOR MANY CITY FOLK, the mark of a good life is their luxurious highrise view of the sparkly city skyline, well above the bustle in the streets below. But as the negative impacts on the environment are increasingly felt, building another high-rise without an eco-friendly design becomes too much to ask of Mother Earth, or what little of her is left. And many people are reluctant to go green, because it usually means cutting back on their comfort.
ArthaLand is rising to the challenge of letting urban dwellers have their lifestyle perks while putting less pressure on the environment. Through its flagship project, the two-tower Arya Residences in Bonifacio Global City, ArthaLand is pioneering green standards in high-rise development and living without scrimping on style.
For starters, Arya Residences incorporates architectural smarts to reduce the need for energy-sucking lights or air-conditioning. Each tower is positioned in such a way for homeowners to enjoy natural breezes and sunlight without having to feel the heat. The fa├žade incorporates bigger windows for everyone--all the better to catch that coveted skyline view.
Each apartment comes equipped with its own energy-efficient air-conditioners, which will save Arya residents the inconvenience of installing one themselves. Each bathroom will also feature low water consumption fixtures, and the whole complex will benefit from an innovative dual-piping system designed to help conserve water.
On the ground floor, an elevated and covered Plaza will allow for al fresco dining at Arya Residences, rain or shine. An overhead canopy will shield patrons from the elements while allowing them to enjoy the breeze. There’s also the Terrace exclusively for residents’ use where they may enjoy various amenities that allow for the full spectrum of a good life in the city.
Nestled between the two towers, the Terrace will enjoy the coolness of the channeled winds and lush landscaping--which, by the way, will be composed of indigenous plants that require minimal water and are perfect for the tropical climate.
Arya Residences is designed to live up to their name, the Sanskrit word for "noble," by providing residents with high-class amenities while producing low environmental impact. ArthaLand has registered the Arya Residences under the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program and is aiming for Gold-level certification, which will prove that the developer can walk its eco-friendly talk.
"At the end of the day we want our residents to enjoy comfort and luxury, but at the same time know that they are living right- [by] contributing to the care of the environment," Angela De Villa Lacson, ArthaLand president and chief executive officer, said in an interview. "You don’t have to sacrifice living well to live right."

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The New Luxury: Live well. Live Right. (ArthaLand Formal Launch Day Supplement)

By Adele V. Estrada 

When did the world start changing its definition of Luxury?
It used to mean trips to glamorous cities in glamorous clothes. It used to mean sprawling mansions set far from the street. It used to be synonymous with big stately cars. Or very small racy cars. It meant tribes of craftsmen coaxing everything from natural materials and bespoke. It used to mean indulged and rightfully extravagant.
Today all that is, is “nouveau”.
Suddenly the most touted vacations are treks into undiscovered, unpolished backwoods in high-tech gear and high-SPF sunblock. The prestige cars are slow, square and come with a charger. Almost every natural raw material is endangered and hence, on someone’s protest list. And the old symbols of extravagance, faked or franchised into ubiquity, have given way to the primitive and obscure.
Luxury seems to have grown up. Like a teen outgrowing rebellion and seeking purpose. Pursuing indulgence but doing no harm. True affluence and luxury today puts the premium on experiencing nature fully and allowing future generations to do the same.
Arya Residences will be that new luxury. Conceived and designed as a “green building”, every stage in its life-cycle --- from site selection to design, construction, operation and maintenance --- will be certified environmentally responsible and resource-efficient. It should be no surprise that these same green measures reduce individual living costs as well. But the reduction in energy costs is matched only by the abundance of comforts. This is what it means to live well and live right.
For starters, Bonifacio Global City is the ideal place to go green. Arya Residences will tap into its dual piping and greywater facilities to optimally allocate potable and reclaimed water. It is also one of the most pedestrian-friendly communities where one can easily fine strollers, runners, dog-walkers and commuters abound.
Then there are Arya Residences’ two towers, creating a symmetry of curves and angles. They also minimize East-West sun exposure and channel the breeze. This constant shade and airiness pervades. Through The Plaza’s chic dining and shopping under a sweeping canopy; up onto the residents-only The Terrace---resort-quality recreation at the fourth level. The residential units have large windows, which open up the view while keeping out heat and noise, while generous balconies and ledges cast cooling shade indoors and extend space outdoors. What results from all this is a significant decrease in the energy required to cool the building. And the uncommon luxury of enjoying nature’s most healthful elements even in the most urbane surroundings.
The more palpable luxuries, of course, are those we live with intimately. They also cost us, and Earth, the most to maintain. Again, Arya Residences builds in the luxury right alongside sustainability. Kitchen and bathroom fixtures are top-rated brands with water consumption-lowering features. Air conditioning units are multi-split type with an energy efficiency rating of 12 --- most buildings do not even consider energy efficiency. Even facilities for 100% backup power, waste segregation and fire detection will ensure safe, waste-free living.
Not least are the finishing touches that make the subtle but telling difference. Each Arya unit offers generous, well-planned spaces suited to every nuance of comfort and grace. Entertaining will be convenient and unhampered; privacy where needed may be found. There are thoughtful provisions for workspace, storage, live-in help. All in finishes and materials that are unerringly luxurious but also recycled, rapidly renewable, non-toxic to man or planet.
Life at Arya Residences will be testament not only to the necessity but the desirability of sustainable design. Behind it is the newly-formed veteran team of developers, ArthaLand. By themselves a formidable partnership of industry experts, ArthaLand has also tapped into some of the highest credentials in green building. They have in fact registered under the USGBC Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) program with a certification goal of Gold--- a global standard for environmentally sustainable construction. Arya Residences is the first high-rise residential building in the country to target this standard. ArthaLand commits to being the first to achieve it.
In the very near future living well, living right, living green may be the ultimate luxury.

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ARYA RESIDENCES: Green And Gracious Living In The Metro

Borrowed from the Sanskrit language, "Arya" which means "noble" or "respectable" in English, is a fitting name for ArthaLand"s flagship project.

After all, with nobility comes responsibility. It means doing right with all the privileges bestowed upon you.
The increasing issue of environmental pollution has brought upon the advent of green construction. Responding to this world-challenge, a pioneering Philippine developer takes the lead in building an eco-sustainable project. ArthaLand"s brainchild, Arya Residences is an example of this: a high-end residential building that will soon tower the Bonifacio Global City skyline.
With the slogan, "Live well. Live right," Arya Residences embodies ArthaLand"s vision of offering world-class living without compromising the state of the environment.
Eco-Friendly Location
Arya Residences will be built on McKinley Parkway corner 8th Avenue, a very suitable residential location for those who work or have businesses in the metro’s major business districts. It is also near world class academic and medical institutions, leisure destinations and shopping and entertainment hubs. This means future residents will have lesser need for motorized transportation, thus saving on fuel cost while being friendly to the environment.
The property’s strategic location is well chosen to allow the residents to enjoy the comforts and convenience of city living but takes them away from the hustle and bustle it may bring along. The 6,357 sq. m. site is bounded by three major roads but sits on the quieter, less crowded side of Bonifacio Global City.
ArthaLand president and CEO Angie Lacson shares that, “the project being in Bonifacio Global City, one of the country’s emerging future-ready and sustainable districts, is a good starting point to build a truly eco-friendly development.”
Arya Residences is the country’s first residential development that is registered to US Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) with a certification goal of Gold. This means, the developer and its technical team follow a stringent set of rules to ensure environmentally sustainable practices and measures are properly integrated in the project, from site selection, construction ,up to delivery and maintenance.
The LEED Green Building Rating System was developed by the US Green Building Council, a Washington D.C. based non-profit organization committed to ensure a prosperous and sustainable future through cost efficient and energy-saving buildings. In the United States alone, 14,000 projects are LEED-certified. LEED also has projects in 30 countries.
Power Team Players
ArthaLand is composed of a power team of real estate heavyweights. Top level executives carry more than 100 years of combined real estate experience gathered from various top developers in the country and abroad. ArthaLand’s people have been handpicked for their real estate background and vision. Encompassing projects inside and outside Manila, ArthaLand’s group players have worked on One Roxas Triangle and The Residences at Greenbelt in Makati, St. Francis Towers in Ortigas, Pasig City and Nuvali in the province of Laguna. The companies they’ve worked for include DMCI, Ayala Land, Saudi Aramco, and Rockwell Land.
As for the architectural design and planning, ArthaLand acquired the services of Crone Partners Architecture Studios of Sydney, Australia to team up with local design company AIDEA. Lacson says that ArthaLand chose to work with this Australian firm for their expertise in sustainable design.
Green Design and Construction
Taking water and energy conservation in consideration, ArthaLand is finding alternatives to conventional construction materials. According to Lacson, ArthaLand is targeting the use of at least 10% of the project materials with recycled content.
ArthaLand is also looking into using materials and finishes from renewable sources like bamboo engineered wood. The company would also like to consider the use of paint and adhesive materials with low hazardous fume emissions that may pollute the indoor environment.
“Just as mankind has the power to push the world to the brink so, too, do we have the power to bring it back into balance.” 
– HRH The Prince of Wales addressing UN Climate Conference COP 15, Copenhagen (December 2009)
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Monday, September 26, 2011

Project Information

ArthaLand Corporation (ALCO)
8th Floor, Picadilly Star Building
4th Avenue cor 27th Street., Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City, Philippines

Tower I - Q1 2014

Total Area - 6,357 sqm

North - McKinley Parkway
East - 8th Avenue
West - McKinley Parkway cor Rizal Drive
South - Rizal Drive

McKinley Side - Bonifacio Global City
Rizal Drive - Forbes Park
8th Avenue Side - Unobstructed view of the South

Arya Residences is master planned for a two (2) top-end & iconic residential towers. It forms part of the development which include The Plaza, The Terrace and Tower 2 Annex.

39 levels above ground, 5 levels below ground

Basement - Parking level
Ground Floor - Main lobby and retail shops
2nd Floor - Residential units with retail shops
3rd Floor - Residential with indoor amenities
Terrace Floor - Amenity floor with residential units
5th to 39th Floors - Residential units

*Three (3) high speed elevators
*Elegant, air-conditioned main lobby
*Building concierge team
*Administrative office
*Mail room
*24/7 security
*CCTV for common areas and elevators
*Sophisticated fire alarm and smoke detection system
*Water reservoir and separate fire reserves
*100% standby emergency power
*Audio guest annunciator
*Dedicated garbage collection facility
*Bicycle racks
*Drivers' lounge

The Plaza
*12 fine dining restaurants
*Elevated and well landscaped area

The Terrace
*25m Lap pool
*Leisure pool with wading pool
*Children's pool
*Kids' play area
*Feature pavilion
*Pocket garden and lawn
*Landscape walking trail
*Function rooms which can be converted to a grand banquet hall
*Media room

*1 BR Executive -- 63-69 sqm / 678-743 sqft
*2 Bedrooms -- 92-101 sqm / 990-1,087 sqft
*2 BR Executive --113-130 sqm / 1,216-1,399 sqft
*3 Bedrooms -- 162 sqm / 1,744 sqft
*3 BR Executive --191-225 sqm / 2,056-2,422 sqft


Arya Residences is the 1st residential high-rise in the country to be registered under US Green Building Council‘s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) program with the certification goal for Gold.

In LEED-certified home,
*expect up to 40% savings on your water bill with the help of built-in conservation features
*experience at least 25% savings on air-conditioning costs when a constant breeze cools your home naturally
*and enjoy at least a 14% lower energy bill when smart, green design lets the sun light up your home without heating it up.


Live Well. Live Right.

LIVE WELL. To enjoy the best that the world has to offer, taking advantage of all that you’ve worked for, the comforts and the luxuries.

LIVE RIGHT. To do right by the environment, taking responsibility for how you live your life and how it affects the world around you

It also means living smart, because by using resources more efficiently, you also enjoy better health and cost savings.

For reservation, model unit viewing and query, please contact:

Keith C. Ortiz
Sales Manager
M: 0917-559-8000
T: 02-345-6449